GBZ - E41 Maintenance Mode & Economy Tune 2011-2016

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The  4.1 Plus for Ford 6.7L 2011-2016 trucks. The  is designed to be a fully reversible maintenance tool for trucks equipped with DPF filters. We know that many people use their trucks for pulling and hard work so the 45 more Horse Power comes in handy. We do not modify the shift point in anyway so there is no need to worry about transmission failure down the road due to improper tuning. We understand that these trucks are a lively hood for many, so we have taken extra care to ensure that this well rounded tune will be a good fit for any driving style. This is the electronics only for use with a racing exhaust kit or maintenance pipe.
The Economy Tuner option of this programmer will only work on trucks with Automatic Transmissions
  • Reprograms the ECU for trouble free maintenance
  • Voice Prompted menu system
  • Reads and clears DTCs
  • Fully reversible
  • Easy Install