Vehicle Custom Gauge Designer Quick Guide.

Gauge Designer for the Electron: Quick Guide.


With the introduction of the GearBoxZ Inc. Electron vehicle monitor system, we are excited to release and easy to use gauge customizing program.

The Electron Custom Gauge Design software makes creating and adjusting your own gauges easy.

If you own and Electron Tuner/Monitor System, just download the PC compatible software down below.

Remove the Micro SDCard from the side of the Electron:

Put the Micro SDCard in the Adapter that comes with the product and plug it into a standard USB port on any Windows Compatible PC.

DOWNLOAD the Design Software and follow the setup instructions. 

Click the Search Icon the find your Electron's SDCard...

Then Select your Electron:

The design software will pull up the last VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the last vehicle it was connected to. It will then display it's current gauge configuration. 

You are ready to customize!