Electron Tuner Firmware Updates


Updating the Electron Tuners Software

Update options are controlled through the micro SD card in the side of the electron. By simple ejecting the SD card and putting it in a standard SD card reader. There are three files that you need to update the tuner.

  • info.dat  -  The file that is sent to Gear Box Z Inc. to quickly allow updating options on the Electron Tuner.
  • update.dat - File sent back to you (place on the root of the micro SD card) applying updates to the Electron Tuner during a reboot.
  • GBZFIRMW.BIN. (It does not need to be renamed. Just copy it to the SDCard. NOT under any folders. The name can not be changed...)
From time to time updates will be made to the sub directories on the electron tuner. A current set of sub directories will be made available in a standard 7zip format. NEVER DELETE "serialnu.txt" FROM THE SD CARD. 

Updating the Electrons firmware is easy.



1. Remove SDCard from the Electron.(Located on the side)
2. Put the SDCard into and SDCard Adapter and Plug into a PC.
3. Download firmware file and any additional files for firmware.
4. Copy the firmware file to the SDCard. 
5. Unzip additional files to SDCard.

6. Unplug the Electron tuner for a few minutes.

7. Plug the Electron tuner back in with the SDCard installed. 

8. The electron tuner will check the file and auto update the firmware on the Electron.

All Done!

If you lose or damage your SD card you will need to contact Gear Box Z Inc. Be ready with the serial number of your product.

Purchasing Tune updates is as easy as send your info.dat file to Gear Box Z.

UPDATE.DAT files are place on the root of the SD card. The Electron is updated when it is rebooted.