Towing During a DPF Regeneration

Towing during a DPF Regeneration:

I have been running the new Electron EM1.0 on my 2015 F-250 PowerStroke.  It has allowed me to monitor a lot of different gauges on the 6.7L Engine.  I got the opportunity to pull the scout trailer for our local troop:  Troop 1839.  It was a single axle box trailer and it was packed.

I had been watching the emission systems (DPF, EGR and SCR) very closely.  What I discovered was a big surprise to me.  First off, the truck never tells you when it is cleaning the exhaust filter.  Also, when it cleans the exhaust filter, the oil and the coolant temp goes up about 15-30 degrees.

I had a spot where I got really worried.  I was pulling up hill, passing another vehicle and the oil temp got up to 240 degrees.  I backed off as soon as the Electron alerted me.  My electron showed me that it was still in regen and the exhaust was up around 1300 degrees.  You can see why my oil temp was getting hot.  

It seems like there would be some programming that would stop the regen if the oil temp was getting too high.  

Another interesting thing I noticed in  watching the DPF regen cycles, is they are happening more often the more I drive the truck.  I calculated that a truck uses about 2 gallons of fuel to complete a regen cycle.

-Jerry Black                                                                                                               




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