Electron Multi-Function Gauges (EM 1.0) Updates.

Electron Multi-Function Gauges (EM 1.0) Updates.

So you purchased the Electron EM1.0 from GearBoxZ. Guess what, it's easy to update and we are always working on new updates. Just a few simple steps and your Electron will have the latest. So, whats coming...

*New gauge types (Dial Gauges, Graph Gauges, and More)

*New external sensors.(Pyro's, Pressure Gauges..)

*Data logging 

*Many different Add-Ons for different vehicle(Maintenance Mode, Tunes, Adjust limiters and more)

*Racing apps like 0-60 tests.

*Fuel Mileage gauges.

*And much more....

All of this makes the new Electron multi-function gauges a great investment. Now and in the future. 

Thank You for choosing GearBoxZ!




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