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Question:   I'm a tech (16+ years at Ford, diesel) and have a customer’s 6.4 that has the oil temp increasing with no load regular driving/worse under load. Cooling system is premium and has had the front cover removed for block inspection (no build up in block), cover had very light cavitation so cover/pump/t-stats were replaced.  This was done after oil cooler replacement. Oil pressure is in specs. It has the cat/dpf deleted and has your GBZ-FD40 installed. The only pid I see change is the dpf load state. The oil temp increases at a greater rate when pid shows loaded or clogged.  Question, why does this pid change with your programmer or is it supposed to?

Answer:  The FD40 program does not make any changes to the PIDs.

Question:  I already have the ford programmer installed for DPF on a 2008 Ford 6.4 and wanted to add EGR plates.  When adding the EGR plates, which programmer supports this modification and what needs to be done? 

Answer:  All of our programmers support the EGR plates.

 Question:  I bought a truck with one of your tuners and tachyon tunes but when the tune is installed I get a high idle and egt sensor codes. Any advice?

Answer:  Yes.  The EGT sensors cannot be left open circuit.  This will cause the High Idle

 Question:  I was wondering what the 1-6 power levels are on my Tachyon. I have a 6.4L Powerstroke. Which levels are what HP and which are Tow, etc.... Thanks

Answer:  This information can be found at


Question:  I have a dpf-r  for a 2010 f250 6.4 it is lock to vin of old truck I was wanting to know if I can send it    to y'all and pay to have it unlocked............... will be the last time I get anything off eBay

Answer:  Yes you can send it in.  Call tech support first for an RMA# 

Phone- 877-217-1911


Question:  Hello I just bought the EM 1.0 with the plus tune. I plugged it in and it won't give me the choice to turn the dpf, cat, egr off. I was able to download the tune and change the tire size. But I can't change anything else like cold air, egr, dpf, cat delete.

Answer:  Maintenance mode should take care of all that.

 Question:  Hi I bought a tachyon+ kor series programmer for my 08 6.4 off eBay. The seller said it worked great, what he didn't tell me is it's locked to another truck. I know this isn't your problem seeing I didn't buy it new from you but is there anything I can do to reset this? If I can send it to you and have it fixed for a fee or is it cheaper to buy a new one? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Answer: Call Tech Support.  Phone # 877-217-1911


Question: Please help ... will the GBZ-GMD40 stack or work using the Edge Evolution CS2 programmer.. are they compatible?

Answer:  No it does not stack with Evolution.  It will stack with Edge Juice with Attitude.

 Question:  I have 08 gmc duramax lmm 100 percent stock I just purchased dpf-r 4.0 with mbrp pipe from diesel ops I did the program everything went through but now I have a check engine light with 4 codes all on my exhaust sensors I tried to erase them with the programmer but the check engine keeps coming on with all the same codes. Could I run the program again and maybe it will work or no? Thanks Mike

Answer:  Yes you can run the program again.  You can install and uninstall as many times as you want.







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