Customer Questions and Answers

Customer Questions and Answers:
I have a 2010 F350 with a 6.4l Diesel. I watched your You Tube video on installing the elimination pipe. The video did not include anything about software!? Will the elimination pipe work without DPF-R error codes and without the "wrench" symbol popping up?? Can you let me know please?
Answer: You will need a tuner to turn the check engine lights off.
Question:  Is there any warranty coverage for the Ford 4.0 Plus Programmer (GBZ-FED40)? I'm interested in the product but it's the first time I've heard of Gear Box Z. There are only a few reviews for your company’s line of DPF tuners online so you can see why I'm a bit cautious. I hope to hear from someone soon, thank you.
Answer:  Yes we warranty our products.
Question:  My truck’s battery died.  Now tuner screen won’t light up.  I need it fixed to lower power level.  Please help.
Answer:  The low voltage may have caused the tuner to fail. Call Gear Box Z for a replacement.  877-217-1911
one in order to install on the other.
Question:  Hey how r u doing this evening? I bought a tuner from u guys for a 2010 Cummins diesel and everything worked fine, no check engine light or anything.  I probably had it on a year, but I had to take it off, put stock back on, get it smogged, and then I put the system back in.  Everything works fine, put sensors in and light is off, but once I put all sensors in, it tells the truck to high idle to regen, and this has never happened before.  I think it is the long sensor that goes from top of motor and runs down to the first sensor. I may be wrong but wondering if u guys would give me hints. I have switched the sensors around to see if that would work, and nothing.  It goes high idle and blows white smoke, and only in idle if I drive it.  It won't unless it sits and idles for a few seconds.  Thanks and I hope U can help.  Love the system.  Just want check engine light off.
Answer:  It sounds like it is actually doing a regen.  Call Tech Support at Gear Box Z:  877-217-1911.
Question: Can an Edge Evolution CTS2 be used with a GBZ-FD40? I want to use the Evolution to adjust tire size only; otherwise it will be used as gauges.
Answer:  You may use the CTS2 to set the tire size as long as it does not re-flash stock programming to the truck.
Question:  I have the newer Electron Programmer I received from you guys about 5 months ago for my 2008 6.4 Diesel. I keep getting a P040B EGR code that randomly comes up and I have to reset it and turn off truck to get power back.  I have the sensor plugged in and tapped up on top of the engine and have also had my Ford mechanic replace it and am still randomly throwing codes.  Please help.
Answer:  Call Tech support at Gear Box Z for an update for the tuner.
Question:  Can you please give me the details on the difference between the PLUS TUNE & the TACHYON TUNE?  I am interested in having several tunes as I tow mostly.  This is for the Electron module.
Answer:  Plus tune is designed for towing efficiency.  TACHYON tune may be used for towing best on level 3.
Question:  Hello I recently purchased a kor series electron tuner with the plus and tachyon tune for my 6.4 powerstroke. I have a couple of questions that I would hope could be answered from you guys.  First I was wondering when the Quantas tune was going to become available. I was also wondering if the tachyon tune is a tune that can be used for towing when kept on the lower power levels. Only reason being is that it seems like the plus tune make my injectors and lifter's rattle pretty loudly whereas the tachyon tune my engine is really quiet. I'm sure you guys get a lot of emails and calls stating from paranoid powerstroke owners about engine rattle. I was just wondering if the 6.4 commonly gains injector noise/ rattle with the plus tune. 
Answer:  We have discontinued the Quantus tune for now.  It is possible the injector is a little louder but should not be excessive.
Question:  Every few weeks I have to re install the program. My truck will suddenly start idling rough. I can put the pedal to the floor but it won't move. Then I hook up the programmer and re-install it, and it will run fine.
Answer:  Call Tech Support at Gear Box Z 877-217-1911


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