Customer Questions and Answers

Customer Questions and Answers:

 Question:  I recently purchased the dpf-r +70 tuner for my 2010 power stroke.  I want to know if I’m able to stack this with a diablo sport mainly for the trans settings.

Answer:  So far the Diablo Sport can only change the information on the transmission control module and not the PCM/ECU.

Question:  Does Gear Box electron use advance timing on their tunes, because I have heard that it burns holes in pistons?  I have mine set on economy tune now.

Answer:  No it does NOT use advanced timing.  Our economy tune adds more horsepower by altering the entire fuel map curve.  Stock over temp safety is still active.

Question:  I am looking for some help.  I bought a 2008 F350 with the 6.4 diesel.  The truck already has a tune in it but I do not have the original tuner for it and I was wondering if you guys have a program for your tuner to put it back to stock and keep the DPF deletes program in it.  I already have one of your tuners.  Thank you for help. 

Answer:  our DPF tuner can return vehicle to stock.  The emergency recovery option will install an original stock firmware.  

Question:  I'm from Guatemala Central America. I bought a Gearboxz DPF R programmer for a Ford 6.4 2008. Unfortunately it didn't work on the truck. I followed all the procedures from Technical Support but it keeps throwing the error 233. Even I tried several days with no success and I tried in other truck and gave me the same error 233. What can I do since it didn't work. Is it possible to send it back to you and give me another one to try??.  Thank you.

Answer :  Yes. 


Question:  I am looking at purchasing a used DPF-R unit off of craigslist for my 2008 F-350 w/6.4.   Are these units VIN locked and if so do you offer a service to unlock it?

Answer:  Yes they VIN lock, however if uninstalled then it is unvinlocked and available for another truck.


Question: I wanna order dpf maintenance mode  and gbz fed4.0+programmer and ever block plates .Question is what the hell does it mean no bungs most likely I need them or it correct.  Its all for a fordf250 2008 6.4l and these items I'm ordering are the basics pretty much correct.And the last question is what kind of tail exhaust can or is best to run off the dog pipe .  Thank you.

Answer:  You do not need any bungs.  You will need to insulate and connect temperature sensors to the wire harness.


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