Customer Questions and Answers

Customer Questions and Answers

Question:  Hello i have the gbz-fed40 and when i installed the tune with 70hp my truck has no significant power. Im at 40psi and it doesnt get going. Also i had it when i was coming back from town (no trailer) engine was acting funny. Boost went to 40psi and truck was slowing down then it down shifted  and kept getting slower at 40 boost. Had to install other tune to get me home. So i just left the economy tune when i hauled trailers since it was better then the 70hp. I was thinking the programmer i got was a lemon, i bought it like 3years ago. Started when i changed the tunes.

Answer:  The economy tune is the +70 HP.  As for the truck losing power, read diagnostic trouble codes then call tech support at Gear Box Z

Phone: 877-217-1911

Question:  Will unplugging the battery cable on a 2010 f250 wipe the dpfr plus tune?

Answer:  No.  The software on the ECU/PCM can only be changed by a programmer or a Dealer, and not by disconnecting the battery cables.

Question:  I just got the 4.0 plus with 70 hp for 2008 6.4 and when I installed with hp, every time I get up to about 2100 rpm it jerks the truck and makes it shake and sometimes it will multiple times or the wrench light will come on, just wanted to know why it's shifting like this.

Answer:  You may be experiencing shift flare.  Read the diagnostic trouble code and call for Tech support at Gear Box Z.

Phone: 877-217-1911

Question:  I bought a  programmer with the +70hp and it has no significant feeling of power. Had problems with it when i was coming back from my 2 trips so i had to install other tune. Had this problem since 3yrs ago. Or Did i buy a lemon out of the hole batch.

Answer:  Call Gear Box Z and we will sort it out and correct any problems.


Question:  Interested In purchasing DPF-R  for 08 GMC Siera 2500HD,    Can I stack /use with PPE standard tuner?  Also have a old Diablo sport prediter I can use?  What model # should I purchase?

Answer: You can only stack with standard DPF-R (GMD40).  Both PPE and Diablo are Flash programmers.  They will overwrite the DPR-R.  You can stack any tuner that does not flash the ECU/PCM.

Example:  Edge Juice or Banks 6 Gun

 Question: In the flow chart it has "Product Applied" yes or no. What is product applied. I assume the DPF delete pipe ? With the sensors still plugged in.

Answer:  Product applied is asking if the programmer is installed.  If YES then follow the chart in that direction.  If NO then that direction this pertains to the information in the flow chart.




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