Adding your own gauges to the EM1.0.

Adding your own gauges to the EM1.0.

We designed the new EM1.0 software to allow our customers the ability to customize, create and change the gauges, how they like. In order to make it work, we choose to use the standard XML (eXtend Markup Language)  for storing the configurations.

The EM1.0 allows you to remove the SDCard from the side of the unit and plug it into a PC. You can edit the files on it using a standard text editor. There are some nice XML editors out there too.

The main folder for customizing is the ".cars" folder. Under the ".cars" folder you will find the XML files containing configuration info for gauges. Gauge files end in ".pid" extension. You can change what controllers to read from and how to read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). Those files end in a ".dtc" extension. Also, you can change the image that is displayed for a vehicle. Those files are ".bmp". They are a standard 200x100 Bitmap stored in 5-6-5 format. 

The most important files are the ".car" files. They contain information about decoding the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). More documentation will be coming soon.

The file name matches the VIN number of the vehicle that is detected by the EM1.0. The file name can be from 5 characters to 3 characters. The longer the file name the more specific the vehicle. For example: are gauges for ALL ford trucks. are gauges for only 6.7L Power Stroke  Ford trucks and are gauges for 2016 6.7L Power Stroke Ford Trucks. The EM1.0 looks for the longest name first.

The best way to get started with custom gauges is to take a look at the files already on the SDCard. 

GearBoxZ is in the process of creating a software package that will allow you to point and click to customize. 

I highly recommend you backup your ".cars" folder before doing any modifications.

DISCLAIMER: Customizing your EM1.0 can cause it to not function or not function the same. GearBoxZ Inc. is not responsible for changes and modifications to the unit that cause damage to the EM1.0 or your vehicle. By choosing to edit the file on your EM1.0 you take responsibly for damages incurred in the process. If you do have trouble please call GearBoxZ Inc. We are happy to help.




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